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"Analog Mixing In The Box" adds depth an definiton to your mixes....

Key principles for mixing in the box:

- analog console style mixing
- true (dual-) mono summing
- analog style saturation
- harmonic transformer distortion in-and output stages

Get the feel, hear the difference. Try the samples below.

Full disclaimer:
The only Difference is the treatment and routing on the mixbuss. Conventional and Analog Mixing flips every two bars.

Send your Stereo-Mix and i will transform it for free.

Analog Mixing In The Box 1
Analog Mixing In The Box 3

Send Your Mix.
You'll get a brief review within 24 hours.
A "Virtual Analog" MP3 high res version is includet
Initial Song is free! Aditional tracks are 20 € each.
Apply by mail.

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